About Martin

Born into the era of missionaries, Martin was quickly absorbed into the religious mainstream at an early age. His determination and aptitude saw his youthful evolution taking shape fast and admirably but like any child instinctively prone to mischief, an innocent mutter led to a swift change in tide that saw him pitted amongst some of the country future great minds and surviving some of the society as worst inhabitants...



What have I been up to?

Some people tell me I have been very quiet over the past year…..so let me update you on what I have been upto…….

I moved out of my role as Partner and Financial Services Leader at Deloitte East Africa to that of Independent Business Advisor from beginning of January 2016. At the same time I set up The Leadership Group Limited as the brand under which I would provide Executive Coaching, Leadership development and Board practice services including Corporate Governance training.

It has been a very exciting year, that has included consulting for corporates on strategy development and execution, facilitation of CEO roundtables on financial sector development; leading investor groups searching for merger & acquisition opportunities, working with a number of county governments on economic development, leadership and communications programs; giving key note speeches at local and international conferences, including the Afreximbank Annual Meeting in Ivory Coast, at the launch of Percy Opio’s Future of Banking; at the Engage Forum run by Don and Agatha; at various leadership programs at SBS, KIM and in Washington DC; I have been a Judge at the Inaugural Sustainable Finance Catalyst Award scheme for banks and Fintech groups and have continued to participate effectively at Sunny Bindra’s Fast Forward Leadership events

I got my accreditation as an Executive Coach through AoEC early in 2016 and have so far rolled out my coaching program, focusing on CEOs and other C-Suite executives. This is a relatively underdeveloped practice in our part of the world, but one that has immense benefits, given the challenge of leadership in our midst. It has been a hugely rewarding experience, discussing leadership challenges and opportunities through my executive coaching and mentoring sessions and this will continue over the coming years as the realization grows in leaders for this critical offering.

Another area of interest is the rollout of the CMA Code of Corporate Governance for Issuers of Securities to the Public (2015). This code comes into effect in March 2017. I have attended a number of training sessions, including a Training of Trainers and the ICPSK Governance Accreditation program, in addition to CMA mandated programs for Board directors. I am now offering advisory services in this area as well.

Amidst all this I joined a number of blue chip company boards, such as Standard Bank Group; EABL; BAT Kenya in addition to my continuing board roles in SOS International Senate and GA Life Assurance. I find that this active engagement with boards continues to keep me in touch with the corporate world and local as well as international developments; it also gives a practical angle to the coaching, leadership development and corporate governance services I offer my clients.

2017 has started on a high, so far I have run a number of coaching, leadership development and governance assignments; attended mouthwatering talks by giants such as Brett King (The Future is Digital) and John Kay (Other People’s Money) which was a sequel to Financial Services Roundtable discussions with CEOs and Regulators; as well as Sunny Bindra’s FFWD Leadership BS discussion; PLO Lumumba’s keynote address at the ICPSK Governance Roundtable; CMA’s Board workshop on the CG Code and the TED Partners dinner ahead of the TED Ideas Search Events at CUEA.

Finally last week we at The Leadership Group launched our Leadership and Communications Program at a well attended corporate roundtable at the Capital Club. We also joined the GCX Africa and MK Africa roadshows on Sustainability, meeting a number of listed company senior executives to discuss how together we can support them in putting together an effective ESG framework and rolling this out as part of their Sustainability agenda, including embedding Integrated Reporting in their program.

So what does 2017 look like?

1. Executive Coaching and more and more of it
2. Lots of guest speaking slots as well as being program leader for the 2017 Leading the Board Program at Strathmore Business School
3. Collaboration with Agakhan Media University on Leadership & Communications programs
4. Corporate Leadership & Communications development programs
5. Board development, especially on implementation of the CMA Code of Corporate Governance and conducting Governance Audits
6. Business Advisory, especially on Strategy development and execution

So do look out for my monthly updates on these and many more during 2017.